MentorLink Staff

International Staff

Stacy Rinehart / Founder / Raleigh, NC USA

Marvin Brubacher / Canada Director / Cambridge Ontario, Canada

Petru Bulica / Romanian Director / Timisoara, Romania

Rene Mbongo / Africa Director / Dakar, Senegal

Herman Moldez / Philippines Director / Manila, Philippines

Frode Randgaard / Norway Director / Oslo, Norway

Steve Irvin Mentor-At-Large / Spain

Arve Kraakenas / Mentor-At-Large / Asia and Oslo, Norway

Caleb Lu / Mentor-At-Large / East Asia

Jessica Choy / Special Projects / Colorado Springs, CO USA

Becky Hemphill / Director of Operations / Colorado Springs, CO USA

Jeri McKee / Office Manager  / Raleigh, NC USA

Tom Myler / Database Manager / Arlington, TX USA

Juanita Posada / Special Projects  / Bogota, Colombia

Board of Advisors

Richard Bolton / Partner, Ragsdale Liggett, PLLC

Jeff Villwock / President & CEO, Lanier Securities

Michael Mangum / Principal, FMI Corp.

Dr. Stacy T. Rinehart / Founder & Chairman of the Board, MentorLink International

D.M "Rusty" Moore, Jr. / Chairman & CEO, Institute for Wealth Holdings, Inc.

Henk Struik / Former Director of Operations, Eli Lilly (retired)

Mark Wohlschlaeger / Loan Officer, Movement Mortgage

Wes Harrison / Chairman, Red River Transportation, Inc.

Timothy C. Durie / Senior Vice President, Newland Real Estate Group

William Mann / Former Partner, Ragsdale Liggett, PLLC (retired)