Reflections on the Latin American Gathering

By: Dr. Stacy Rinehart

23Logo.jpgThis Gathering pulled together 50 leaders from seven Spanish-speaking nations (plus two from the United States). Participants came from 34 different denominations, missions and churches, representing the culmination of incubating the MentorLink International (MLI) vision in Latin America for the last 15 years.

The meeting was organized around the idea of reinforcing the Transformational Values, Leader's Covenant, mentoring testimonies, and re-introducing available MLI Spanish resources.  There were also many opportunities for discussion in small groups.

As always, at MLI events, we concluded our time together with a "Foot Washing" ceremony. This practice symbolizes our individual desire to serve people as Jesus mandates for leaders in His Kingdom.

The men and women attending collectively influence at least 2,500 pastors under their oversight, and far more if their broad influence in the nations is considered. This was a gathering of those who minister to, mentor and train pastors in Latin America.

Thank you for partnering with us in this exciting venture called MentorLink International. We covet your prayers.