Report from Johnny and Koki In India

Testimonies from Passing It On! training in the Gujarati language. Here are some testimonies indicating life change. 60 pastors and mission leaders attended this training.

  • These 3 days have revealed weakness in my ministry. It has opened my narrow mind. Fault finding has been my problem. I was not able to work with or pray for so & so. I have found openness of the Kingdom of God
  • I was going through a dry time in ministry. God brought me here at the right time. I have failed in moving from ‘left-sidedness’ to ‘right-sidedness’, but now I have found help
  • I have a book on mentoring which means nothing. Coming to this seminar I really know what mentoring is
  • I did not know the work mentoring. It is an effective tool – God’s definite plan. I go back realizing God has started His work in me
  • We should conduct this seminar in our denominations and there will be revival in our churches
  • I am in the police department and I am struggling to come out of police mind. I thought I was humble. God showed me in the ‘Mentoring in the family’ session that I am a harsh husband. I will demonstrate love and humility. I will mentor my wife. I am known as a non-corrupt officer. I will be good at home too.
  • I have been facing problems in my pastoral ministry, which are solved during the seminar. I am so grateful to God and the MentorLink team
  • I am the President of my denomination. I give leadership to all our pastors. I have discovered that I am a ‘left-sided’ leader. I need a mentor
  • Thank God for this seminar. I am convinced that instead of spreading my ministry wide and thin, I should concentrate and be more focused
  • This seminar was not an accident. I was a driver among my minister friends. I was avoiding them. I wore a mask in my thought, talk and behaviour. I was broken during feet-washing. I am rededicating my life for God’s service – for the Kingdom of God

Follow Up:

  • Christian & Missionary Alliance Synod President wants us to meet with a group of his pastors every week and go through the MentorLink material from January 2012
  • A senior pastor wants to organize 3 days seminar on mentoring for pastors and pastorate committee members of 17 churches in Sabarkantha region
  • Wesleyan Church wants to run this mentoring movement among their leaders
  • A group of youth leaders in wants us to meet them for mentoring process.

Johnny and Koki
November 10, 2011