Beyond The World's Understanding

Aug 30, 2011

Peace: Beyond the Understanding of the World about us. Many efforts and struggles to bring about peace in our world continue but ultimately fall far short. Any agreement signed for peace is soon broken or encroached upon in some negative way. Jesus tells us that the PEACE He gives to us is not as the world gives (John 14:27). His Peace is an inner peace that lasts and expresses itself through our lives even in the midst of turmoil and conflict.

Sitting on my desk is a picture denoting what is true peace, that is, a bright red cardinal (bird) sitting on a wind tossed icy branch of a tree in the coldest of winter (some of you reading this may not have experienced such!). The cardinal is sitting there without concern for the circumstances about him but with evident full trust and assurance that he is cared for even in the midst of storm.

So is the peace our Lord gives to us moment by moment. Let us know that peace as a daily diet for our spiritual lives "… which transcends all understanding …" (Goes beyond our human resources to understand and comprehend) (Philippians 4:7).

Myron S Harrison