What is Days with Jesus?

MentorLink International and The JESUS Film Project have partnered to develop a series of innovative discipleship tools specially designed to help users deepen their walk with Christ. Days with Jesus delivers video clips from The JESUS Film, combined with thought-provoking questions for reflection, discussion and practical life application.

How to Use Days with Jesus

How to Use Days with Jesus:
Group Discussion

How to View Days with Jesus

Slide15.JPG Days with Jesus (DWJ) is available in a myriad of different ways!  Spend DWJ online, via a FREE mobile app, through DVDs, CDs or micro SD cards (for feature phones). Have DWJ delivered straight to your email inbox. Or enroll in DWJ as an online e-course today!  Find out more.

Topics and Languages

40 Days with Jesus
7 Days with Jesus: Grace
6 Days with Jesus: Money & Possessions
7 Days with Jesus: Walk with Jesus
8 Days with Jesus: Who is Jesus?
9 Days with Jesus: Prayer


Acholi - Lwo
Amharic - አማርኛ
Arabic (Darija Morocco) - الدارجة
Arabic (Egyptian Colloquial) - العربية
Arabic (Modern Standard) - العربية
Arabic (Tunisian) - تونسي
Berber - Tamaziɣt
Chichewa - Cinyanja
Dari - فارسی دری
Farsi - فارسی
Fongbe - fɔ̀ngbè
French - Français
French - Français (West African Dialect)
Fulani - Fulfulde
Hausa - هَرْشَن هَوْسَ
Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia

Italian - Italiano
Jula - Julakan
Kabyle - Taqbaylit
Mandarin - 官話
Mongolian - Монгол хэл
Norwegian - Bokmål
Pashto - پښتو
Somali - Af-Soomaali

Spanish - Español

Swahili - Kiswahili
Tagalog - Wikang Tagalog
Urdu - اُردُو