Our goal is to serve you in your quest to lead more like Jesus. On this page you will find resources to assist you in your quest.

MentorLink Institute

The Cape Town 2010 Congress on World Evangelization made this mentoring process available to its younger participants. The MentorLink Institute (formerly called the Global Mentoring Project), accessed through this site, is a process designed to help leaders be more like Jesus in the way they lead, treat people and develop other leaders. We encourage you to start your own small mentor group to facilitate your own growth and the development of others.

Leader's Covenant: Devotional and Discussion Guide

Originally developed for the Filipino Church, this resource allows the reader to take a slower, contemplative approach to mediitating on the main points of the Leader's Covenant.

Leader's Covenant: Study Guide

Originally developed for a course taught in Toronto, Canada, this respurce allows participants to gain a deeper grasp of the Leader's Covenant and provides a practical approach and application of each of its ten key statements.

Leader's Covenant: Curriculum

Originally developed and compiled for a Bible School in Ethiopia, this curriculum not only helps participants become more like Jesus in the way they lead, it also helps participants facilitate the learning of helping others to become more like Jesus in the way they lead.

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